The House of Representatives Electoral Tribunal (HRET) complies with the conditions of good governance and the requirements of Philippine Transparency Seal as set by National Budget Circular 542 issued by the Department of Budget of Management and as provided for in the General Appropriations Act.

I. Mandate, Vision, Mission and List of Officials


Section 17, Article VI of the 1987 Philippine Constitution which provides:

The Senate and the House of Representatives shall each have an Electoral Tribunal, which shall be the SOLE JUDGE of all contests relating to the ELECTION, RETURNS, and QUALIFICATIONS of their respective Members. Each Electoral Tribunal shall be composed of nine Members, three of whom shall be Justices of the Supreme Court to be designated by the Chief Justice, and the remaining six shall be Members of the Senate or the House of Representatives, as the case may be, who shall be chosen on the basis of proportional representation from the political parties and the parties or organizations registered under the party-list system represented therein. The senior Justice in the Electoral Tribunal shall be its Chairman.

That we be true SENTINELS of the SANCTITY of SUFFRAGE,
as we read and understand the real message of the voters,
apply the correct appreciation of the law and evidence,
discover wicked schemes to silence or falsify the voice of the people
and act with efficiency without sacrificing
the uncompromising criterion of JUSTICE.

A TRIBUNAL that adheres
to the principles of JUSTICE, INTEGRITY and FAIRNESS
in the proclamation of the will of the electorate
as to who are fit to serve as Members of the House of Representatives
as mandated by the Constitution.


Justice Diosdado M. Peralta
Tel. No. (+632) 931-7831

Justice Estela M. Perlas-Bernabe
(+632) Tel. No. 931-7837

Justice Francis H. Jardeleza
Tel. No. (+632) 931-7821, (+632) 931-7682

Rep. Jorge T. Almonte
(+632) Tel. No. 931-7626

Rep. Gavini "Apol" C. Pancho
Tel. No. (+632) 931-7876

Rep. Abigail Faye C. Ferriol-Pascual
(+632) Tel. No. 931-7843

Rep. Joaquin M. Chipeco Jr.
(+632) Tel. No. 931-7578

Rep. Wilter "Sharky" Wee Palma II
(+632) Tel. No. 931-7789

Rep. Abdullah D. Dimaporo
(+632) Tel. No. 931-7840

HRET Management Council
Atty. Girlie I. Salarda
Secretary of the Tribunal
Tel. No. (+632) 931-7779; (+632) 931-7879

Atty. Melissa N. Leonardo-Rodriguez
Deputy Secretary of the Tribunal
Tel. No. (+632) 931-7834

Atty. Josefina S. Olais
Director III, Legal Service
Tel. No. (+632) 931-7782

Atty. Eva V. Miña
Director II, Canvass Board Service
Tel. No. (+632) 931-7776

Atty. Deogracias M. Natividad
Director II, Information System and Judicial Records Management Service
Tel. No. (+632) 931-7642

Atty. Emmanuel Benedict Evangelista
Officer-in-Charge, Human Resource Management Service
Tel. No. (+632) 931-7691

Ms. Rosalina De Guzman-Torres
Director II, General Service
Tel. No. (+632) 931-7688; (+632) 931-7672;
(+632) 931-7724; (+632) 931-7715)
Fax: (+632) 931-7581

Mr. Dominico G. Balang
Director II, Finance and Budget Service
Tel. No. (+632) 931-7772

Ms. Leah P. Sunio
Director II, Accounting Service
Tel. No. (+632) 931-7646

Ms. Ma. Corazon P. Villanueva
Director II, Cash Management Service
Tel. No. (+632) 931-7697

See HRET Organizational Chart here.

  II. Annual Financial Reports

Statement of Appropriations, Allotments, Obligations, Disbursements and Balances
See latest report here.

Statement of Approved Budget, Utilizations, Disbursements and Balances
See latest report here.

Quarterly Report on Revenue and Other Receipts
See latest report here.

III. DBM Approved Budget and Targets

IV. Projects, Programs and Activities, Beneficiaries and Status of Implementation

Projects and Programs 2019

V. Annual Procurement Plan

HRET Annual Procurement Plan for 2019

VI. QMS ISO Certification

VII. System of Ranking Delivery Units

Annual Audit Reports

View Executive Summary of 2017 Annual Audit Report here

The copy of the complete 2017 Annual Audit Report of the HRET, 
published by the Commission on Audit (COA), is available here.


For inquiries, comments and suggestions kindly contact us thru:

Information System and Judicial Records Management Service
Rm. 301, 3rd Floor, Right Wing, Electoral Tribunal Building
Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City
Tel. No. (+632) 931 7642